Moviplan 800

Moviplan 800 is a modular Bucky system suitable for general radiographic applications, muscoskeletal diagnostic room or in an Emergency ward, where the quality of the radiographic result must be combined with ease of use and speed of execution.
Several configuration options are made to fit every need in terms of performance and application without forgetting your budget. Moviplan 800 can be equipped with different tubestands, HF generators, X-ray tubes and wall buckies to satisfy the requirements of the small private practice as well as the mid-sized public institution.

Moviplan 800
  • Rapid movements

    All table and tubestand movements can be performed rapidly and effortlessly. The four-way floating movement of the table-top, always smooth and light, makes even large or disabled patients easy to position. Moviplan 800 is also available with a motorised elevating lift that allows the table to be quickly positioned at the most convenient height making access easy for disabled, stretchers, elderly patients and children. All the tube support movement controls are grouped on a keyboard with large, easy-to-activate and user friendly pushbuttons.

  • Basic configuration assuring a wide coverage of examinations

    The basic configuration comes with a floor-mounted tubestand. The very slim profile of the floor rail reduces interference with personnel or stretchers moving through the room to a minimum. Furthermore, the entire system does not require any wall or ceiling attachments, making for trouble free and easy installation. The application range of the "classic" configuration of the bucky room, integrated with an optional chest stand, covers over 70% of the X-rays done in an imaging department.

  • Tomographic capabilities

    The floor mounted tubestand with motor-driven tomographic device allows to further expand the application range with the linear tomography technique. The wide choice of tomography programs (four angles and three speeds) allows for excellent images of all anatomic targets. A further advantage of this version is the motor-driven tubestand movement, allowing completely effortless positioning for the operator.

  • Ceiling suspended version allowing full accessibility

    The ceiling suspended tubestand allows full accessibility to the examination table and unmatched coverage of the area of the diagnostic room. The ergonomic handles, LCD display, color-coded controls and smooth movements make the use of the system quick and effective.

  • Versatile wall buckies

    The presence of a chest stand unit opens the possibility of taking x-rays with standing patient, such as chest or lower extremity studies. The chest stand can be wall or floor-mounted, thus giving the highest freedom of configuration of your X-ray room. The range of wall buckies includes, in addition to the basic model, a tilting bucky version for special skull and upper extremity projections and a large 40x90 cm bucky for whole spine investigation.

  • Increased workflow

    Moviplan 800 systems are equipped with High Frequency generators with power levels from 32 to 80kW, depending on your requirements in terms of application and workload. All the units have integrated APR (Anatomic Programs) to reduce parameter setup times and maximize your workflow. Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) or a high speed starter are also available as options.