Viromatic is the first choice for all routine fluoroscopic and radiographic examinations. Clever modular design allows several possible configurations to fit every need of a primary diagnostic X-ray room.

  • Wide range of movements

    Viromatic features a motorized tilting movement between +90° (vertical) and -15° (trendelemburg), with automatic stop at limits and at horizontal; the motorized tabletop can be moved in 2 or 4 ways, according to your operative needs; the spot film device and the under-couch tube are servo-assisted, to make movements smooth and effortless, ensuring easy operation in every condition.

  • Wide scope of applications

    Viromatic can accept an over-table 9" (23cm) Image Intensifier with a three-field zoom selection, CCD camera and Last Image Hold function, without any ceiling suspension. The TV subsystem is provided with a Dynamic Recursive Filter (DRF) that permits the acquisition of extremely sharp images. The recursive filter weight is automatically adjusted "pixel by pixel" to guarantee the maximum noise reduction in every condition and is automatically reduced to avoid dragging effect on moving objects thanks to the "Motion Detector" function.

  • Wide choice of configurations

    Viromatic system is available in different configurations, to fit all your application needs:
    - Viromatic table only for all routine fluoroscopic examinations.
    - Viromatic table with under table bucky and floor mounted tubestand for fluoroscopic and general examinations.
    - Viromatic table with under table bucky and floor mounted tubestand with Tomography attachment for fluoroscopic, general and tomographic examinations.
    - Viromatic table with under table bucky and ceiling suspended tubestand for full coverage of the room surface.
    All the above Viromatic configurations are supplied with a standard motorized undercouch collimator. Overcouch collimators (tubestand configuration) are manual with halogen lamp.

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