Lem Plus iC

Lem Plus iC is the ceiling suspension tubestand designed for a seamless integration with Moviplan iC radiographic system. Distinctive feature of Lem Plus iC is the intuitive touch screen graphical user interface, and thanks to it the operator has the immediate control of main system parameters. Ergonomic handles with integrated pushbuttons for movements activation allow a rapid, effortless and precise positioning of the ceiling tubestand, while the wide lateral and vertical movements grant a complete coverage of the radiographic room.
In the configuration with Moviplan iC table and new Lem Plus iC, Villa SM offers a modern and highly efficient radiographic system, able to enhance the productivity of every radiological department thanks to the maximum flexibility and functionality of the system.

Lem Plus iC
  • Intuitive user interface

    Thanks to the 8.4" touch screen display, the new user interface is particularly intuitive and easy to use. By touching icons, the operator can control the system's parameters, such as SID, tube rotation angle, working place, collimated area. Thanks to the perfect integration with generators, it is possible to set the exposure parameters directly at the tubehead, without need to change them from the main workstation. Dedicated icons are reserved to activate the auto-tracking functions.

  • Flexibility and efficiency

    Designed to offer the maximum flexibility during the positioning, Lem Plus iC features a lightweight structure based on telescopic column for an effortless control by the operator. A rapid and easy positioning is made possible by unlocking the electromagnetic brakes through the pushbuttons located on the ergonomic handles, while the wide movements of the ceiling suspension assure a complete coverage of the examination room.
    All movements can be motorized for maximum comfort of the user during the positioning. The workflow is further improved thanks to the availability of auto-tracking functions that assist the operator during the exam setup, while the complete efficiency is reached through the auto-positioning function, that grant a rapid and automatic positioning of the system according to the exam procedure.

  • Versatility of configurations

    Lem Plus iC can be configured with Moviplan iC table and Tele iC chest stand to obtain a complete radiographic room suitable for the majority of radiographic department with high throughput.
    Configuration of ceiling suspension with chest stand and mobile radiographic table is also available to fit the needs of emergency rooms.