Lem Plus

LEM Plus, for its versatility and for the wide choice of configurations is the ideal ceiling suspended tubestand for all types of radiology departments. The design of LEM Plus guarantees a high level of structural rigidity and sturdiness, together with reduced dimensions. The wide vertical and lateral run span allows for a highly effective use of the examination room space. When coupled to bucky tables, chest stands, or simple trolleys, excellent and immediate radiographic results can be obtained thanks to the ease and accuracy of positioning.

Lem Plus
  • The versatility of a wide choice of configurations

    Designed for a high level of performance, LEM Plus can reach every corner of the examination room. Thanks to the telescopic column with high rigidity and the spring counterbalanced vertical movement, Lem Plus ensures a rapid, effortless and precise positioning of the tube head, made even easier via an intuitive color coding system for the movements. Upon request, the movement can also be equipped with a motorised servo-mechanism.

  • An essential complement of the radiology department

    The unit can match any application requirement, and be connected to all types of X-ray tubes, collimators and diagnostic tables within the Villa Sistemi Medicali product range. The anatomic handles provide an excellent manoeuvrability and instant access to the control pushbuttons on the keypad. All movements can be blocked in any given position by means of electromagnetic brakes and position indicators every 90° help align the tube to the most frequently used accessories. The auto-tracking option can assure the automatic vertical alignment between the tube and the detector, speeding up your workflow.

  • Ergonomic keyboard

    The keyboard, with its comfortable handles and the ergonomic position of pushbuttons, allows fast and accurate positioning.

  • Combination with remote controlled tables

    LEM Plus can be coupled to remote controlled tables for the execution of lateral projections.