Apollo EZ DRF

Apollo EZ DRF is a remote controlled table that combines the compactness and versatility of the Apollo EZ with a powerful digital acquisition system based on 43x43cm dynamic Flat Panel detector. With a small footprint, it is the ideal solution for examination rooms with limited space available for the installation, while the digital acquisition system grants a complete coverage of the radiographic and fluoroscopic applications.

Apollo EZ DRF
  • Compact

    Apollo EZ DRF is available with either 2-way tabletop movement, for the maximum compactness, and with 4 way tabletop movement, in order to maximize patient coverage area, combining tabletop and tube/detector longitudinal movement. Tabletop can also be made of carbon fiber for further reduction of the X-ray dose to the patient.

  • Versatile

    Rapid and concurrent movements reduce dramatically the patient preparation time and increase workflow.
    Although its compactness, Apollo EZ DRF can extend the focus-detector distance up to 180cm, allowing to obtain chest images comparable to those done on a chest stand, making the remote controlled room suitable also for routine exams.

  • Dynamic Flat Panel Technology

    The innovative Dynamic Flat Panel detector delivers sharp and accurate images to support your diagnosis and is not affected by geometric distortion which is typical of Image Intensifiers. The large 43x43cm - 17"x17" active area is suitable for examination of any anatomic region and provides almost 50% more coverage than a 16" Image Intensifier. The combination of wide coverage and high image resolution extends the application of the fluoro suite to areas such as chest, pelvis and extremities, which can't be done with conventional image intensifier based systems. The high sensitivity of the flat panel technology, the use of low absorption materials and the grid parking capability, allow a consistent dose reduction, especially for paediatric applications.

  • Great versatility for radiographic applications

    The use of one single detector for both fluoroscopy and radiography offers an unparalleled range of applications that includes all the most common general radiographic procedures, gastro-intestinal studies, tomography and vascular studies. Exams can be taken on the table with source to image distance up to 180cm - 71". The large, square detector offers enough field coverage also for those exams such as the pelvis, that are not possible with the traditional Image intensifier. The detector travel reaches the tabletop extremities making it possible to perform weight bearing studies with the patient at minimal height from floor. The optional Stitching function allows to cover the examinations of long body structures, such as the spine and the lower limbs. A series of X-ray exposure are automatically acquired and joined together by the acquisition software in order to obtain a single detailed image of big anatomic areas.

  • Wide range of fluoroscopy examinations

    Fluoroscopy exams also take benefit from the large active area of the detector that allows visibility of larger anatomic regions without patient repositioning. The high frame rate makes for precise investigation of the upper gastro-intestinal tract and swallow studies. Digital Subtraction Angiography is available as an optional package and benefits from the large patient coverage without longitudinal repositioning.