armonicus 2.0

The new model 2.0
The new Armonicus represents the best U-arm solution by Villa: a powerful, state-ofthe-art system that brings together all of our DR product knowledge and offers its effectiveness to all radiology departments.

Featuring a smartly redesigned stand with extensible U-arm, Armonicus now can be chosen with integrated or wireless flat panel detectors and can be customized in all its principal parts, with an extensive offer of generators, collimators and X-ray tubes.

User-friendliness and patient safety are our top priorities, therefore Armonicus was designed with a simplified user interface based on a 10” touch screen with functional activation buttons, as well as an advanced AEC system able to grant the delivery of an appropriate dose to any patient. Moreover, it can now automatically stitch sequential exposures for a fast and effortless execution of full-leg and full-spine examinations.

Finally, thanks to its unique design Armonicus can be easily installed even in narrow spaces, and can be combined with a choice of mobile tables, floating and elevating, even battery powered.

- Compact and flexible U-arm design for extended use, including general radiographic, emergency and orthopedic studies.

- Configurable with integrated or wireless FPD and either with manual or automatic collimator, for a complete system customization.

- Available a wide choice of X-ray tubes and generators for compliance with any diagnostic need.

- 10” touch Screen control panel and infrared remote control, standard on all versions, for a streamlined workflow.

- Simplified user interface, with single movement functional push buttons, for immediate operator’s learning.

- A wide range of available and pre-programmable system’s positions, for maximized patient’s throughput.

- Operating with 2 grids, with dedicated grid parking, for appropriate image definition and unsurpassed user’s comfort.

- Complete range of examinations allowed, including stitching procedure, for maximum applications coverage.

armonicus 2.0
  • The compact U-arm system that fits any space

    Switching to digital
    In a world totally oriented to digitalization, Armonicus represents the effective solution to switch to digital way instantly and effortlessly. Thanks to its range of flat panel detector solutions, operators can enjoy increased productivity by having images available within seconds of exposures for immediate evaluation and processing.

    Also with moderate budget
    Specifically designed as an all-in-one system, Armonicus covers virtually all the applications of a modern radiological room, yet limiting the financial investment to a single, cost-effective piece of equipment. Additionally, the unit is specifically engineered to limit its maintenance cost to the minimum.

    Solution for limited spaces
    The structure of Armonicus comprises the X-ray source, the digital detector and the extendable arm that joins them, all integrated in one compact design. Moreover, the short height of the column as well as the limited footprint of the U-arm movements, make possible the installation even in the narrowest rooms.

  • The all-in-one system that meets every need

    Able to host any patient
    Armonicus is a flexible system, ready to operate on virtually any possible patient; its use is not limited even with pediatric or bariatric subjects, and wheelchairs users can be easily positioned as well. Additionally, the system can be combined with a wide range of mobile tables, floating and elevating, even battery powered.

    Covering all examinations
    The SID on the Armonicus can be adjusted from 100 to 180 cm, assuring flexibility for the entire range of general radiographic exams, from extremities to chest studies, from pediatric to orthopedic exams, with patients either standing, seated or laying on table. Moreover, it can automatically manage the stitching procedure for full-legs and full-spine exams.

    Maximizing the workflow
    The X-ray tube and detector of the system remain constantly aligned, reducing examination set-up time. The operator’s workflow is also optimized thanks to the motion buttons next to the screen and the infrared remote control. For these reasons, Armonicus is an ideal solution for high-volume applications where a highly efficient throughput is a must.

  • The DR solution that streamlines the workflow

    Always under control
    Core of the Armonicus user interface is the 10” touch screen display, associated with 10 movement buttons, for immediate and safe operability by any user; additionally, some motion controls are placed to the bucky, assuring appropriate control of the system when the operator is close to the detector. Finally, Armonicus can be controlled also with the standard infrared remote control, where also the most important preset operating positions can be recalled.

    Fast and easy setup
    The flexibility of Amonicus allows an easy positioning of any patient, virtually in any condition; the system can be operated manually, yet can rely on a complete configuration of preset positions (up to 60) through the APR functions. Additionally, in case of connection to a DICOM network, the communication protocol allows a totally automated setting of the machine simply using the RIS procedure codes, leaving the operator with only the task of pressing the ‘MOVE’ button.

  • A complete product with advanced technology

    Everything in its place
    To assure optimal image definition during any application, Armonicus is configured with two grids having different focal lengths (f=120, f=180), obviously leaving the possibility to operate without any grid in case of need. In order to have a work space well organized, Armonicus is equipped with an on-board double parking station, where the two grids can be stored at the same time, allowing an effective space management according to the examination to be performed.

    The latest technologies
    Armonicus incorporates the most advanced technologies in terms of safety and image quality. The system position is always controlled by 7 proximity sensors, limiting any risk of collision with the surrounding environment, for maximum safety of patients and operators. In addition, an integrated digital system using a 43x43 cm amorphous silicon flat panel with cesium iodide scintillator, or alternatively a range of wireless detectors based on the same technology, can be chosen for image acquisition and processing.