melody IIID TS

New Melody III series 3.0
The completely redesigned Melody III mammography line is the best the new technologies and Villa’s experience in mammography can offer. Every aspect of the X-ray examination and every characteristic of the mammography unit have been reviewed in depth, making improvements to increase patient comfort and the examination speed and achieving even greater diagnostic accuracy and operational efficiency standards than in the past. A result that allows us to really be in the front line, side by side with radiologists, in the search for and prevention of breast cancer.

The range of mammography systems is now composed of an analogue model, Melody III, and three digital models: Melody IIID Compact, Melody IIID and Melody IIID TS with tomosynthesis; a family of products that allows effectively responding to the various operating, diagnostic and economic needs of healthcare organisations dealing with breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks to the use of the latest technological solutions and sharing the same components, all the Melody III models can offer the same benefits in almost equal measure regardless of the image acquisition technology, such as the state-of-the-art automatic exposure control which optimises the exposure parameters reducing the dose to be delivered to a minimum, or the two large control touch-screen displays which allow the operator to carry out all the operations and view the parameters in a simple and immediate way.

Great attention has been granted to productivity optimisation at the same time improving patient comfort during exam preparation. This result has been achieved by adopting a new isocentric C-arm with precise motorized movements and improving the “Smart Micro Press” compression system with automatic micrometric speed adjustment.

The larger vertical arm excursion allows the system to extend these benefits also to patients with reduced mobility. The improvement of image quality, another primary goal for Villa, has been achieved thanks to the increased choice of flat panels available, an advanced two parameter AEC system, the use of an anti-scatter grid, a perfected image processing program and optional reporting software with automatic image analysis tools. The results achieved provide radiologists with greater diagnostic confidence, which also allows improving the performance and productivity of the department.

Finally, in order to solve the difficulties of installation in cramped spaces and on mobile screening units, an ingenious solution has been adopted for the digital variants of Melody III: the image acquisition workstation can also be installed on the side of the machine chassis as alternative to a separate station thus minimising the overall volume of the diagnostic system.

melody IIID TS
  • Mammography at the highest level

    Melody IIID TS is the version that operates with tomosynthesis technology, an innovative technique that exceeds the limits of conventional mammography: with a brief scan of the breast, it acquires a sequence of images of thin anatomical sections (slices) obtained from different projection angles, which are processed by advanced algorithms able to reconstruct the volume examined. This technology allows distinguishing with greater clarity and detail suspect anatomical structures that are difficult to identify with conventional mammography because of the overlap of the various surrounding tissues.

    Tomosynthesis in Melody IIID TS now has benchmark performance: the scanning angle has been widened to 50° allowing maximum accuracy in identifying the position of low-contrast lesions, while the acquisition times in all three angles have almost been halved reducing aberrations due to micro-movements of the patient to a minimum. These results, associated with the use of an anti-scatter grid and a fast and precise reconstruction algorithm, allow obtaining exceptional image quality with better evidence of anatomical detail and possible lesions.

    The new Melody IIID TS is also offered with an Amorphous Silicon panel thus becoming the point of entry for those that want a system equipped with tomosynthesis at moderate cost. Alternatively, like for Melody IIID, it can be supplied with an Amorphous Selenium panel, also in the ‘Fast’ variant capable of exceptional image acquisition speed. Melody IIID TS, if coupled to the dedicated module, allows performing tomo-guided biopsy as well.

  • Wide range of options and accessories

    The Melody III series has a wide range of options and accessories, which allow the user to obtain the most appropriate configuration for his needs, such as the multifunctional pedal board or the anti-x protection bulkhead, which can be selected when configuring the equipment or purchased later.
    It is possible to choose from a complete range of flat and cantilever compressors of various sizes and formats.