Unifying the conventional imaging in a multi-purpose digital system

  • The innovative DR-Wi version of Apollo and Apollo EZ is designed to get the most out of the combined use of the wireless Flat Panel and the analogue remote controlled table with appropriately optimised functions. This solution reduces work times and further improves the quality of the images compared with the use of Computed Radiography systems or with cassette-film combinations, while reducing the dose delivered to the patient.

  • The significant functional versatility of the DR-Wi version is given by the focus-detector distance variable up to 180 cm, and by the wireless detector in different formats (until 43x43cm), which adequately covers all anatomical regions and allows chest projections to be made directly on the table. Furthermore, the wide flexibility in positioning the X-ray source is functional in performing direct contact and off-table exposures with the Wi-Fi detector.

  • The workflow is simplified even more by the availability of the Multi-Grid system, which automatically selects the most suitable anti-scatter grid based on the focus-detector distance set. Should grid use not be required, such as when examining paediatric patients or extremities, the grid can be parked automatically outside the X-ray field, thus resulting in a reduction in the dose delivered.

  • Particular importance has been given to the integration of the automatic Stitching procedure, which consists in the automatic acquisition process of a set of X-ray exposures and their subsequent union into a single image, thereby supporting investigation of extensive body areas, such as full-leg and full-spine examinations. All this makes the Apollo DR-Wi a truly multifunctional system, as it combines in a single device all of the applications usually performed with analogue remote controlled tables, conventional radiographic rooms, large format chest stands and CR systems. Moreover, this hybrid system obviously is equipped with all the new innovative feature and technologies of the models from which it derives: the Apollo 4.0 and the Apollo EZ 4.0.

  • Based on an upgraded, high performance hardware architecture, the new remote control console introduces features and solutions that further increase ease of use and efficiency of the system, thus helping to speed up the workflow and increase productivity in the R/F room. The operator can simply and intuitively control the entire system through the wide touch screen interface, where the information on the table position and operating mode are instantly displayed. The new smart-touch joysticks, made with touch-sensitive material, ensure that table movements are only activated intentionally and constitute, together with the updated software control infrastructure, a set of elements designed to allow the equipment to be used in complete safety.

  • The operator is able to communicate with the patient to provide instructions and assistance during the examination via the built-in two-way intercom, which is supported by pre-recordable messages in several languages, and through the video camera built into the collimator, which displays the image of the patient in real time on the console, the operator can perform centring operation without X-ray emissions. However, should it be required to stay close to the patient when preparing the examination, the operator can start the remote controlled table movements through the control panel on the table side or through the optional touch screen collimator, or via an additional control panel on a trolley.

  • The equipment is able to ensure high levels of safety for both the operator and the patient, thanks to the real-time control of all movements and to the specific anti-collision device that stops the tilting movement of the table in the event of contact with an obstacle. The system can be supplied with a wide range of accessories, useful for patient positioning and for special procedures, such as lateral cassette holders, compression band, shoulder support, patient footrest, leg support and handles.

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