Melody IIID TS

Melody IIID TS is the new member of Melody III family, stands out for the tomosynthesis function and for the renewed shape and design, in addition to an improvement of main functions.
It is available in two versions:
Melody IIID TS/B – with tomosynthesis and ready for biopsy
Melody IIID/TS-B – ready for both tomosynthesis and biopsy

Melody IIID TS
  • Tomosynthesis

    Today, the standard mammography exam is the main diagnostic tool to identify breast cancers and cysts.
    Tomosynthesis comes in this context as strengthening of a standard diagnostic procedure, offering a more accurate detection of tumors and lesions, which is fundamental in the case of patients with dense breast tissue. 
Specifically, two overlapped anatomical structures are indistinguishable in a standard mammogram, but they can be recognized as separate entities thanks to the 3D mode, which consists in the acquisition of a 2D image series at different angles.
    Recent studies have shown that the “combo” mammography method (2D + 3D) is more effective in diagnosing breast lesions compared to the traditional one.

  • Automatic collimator

    Melody IIID TS is equipped with an automatic collimator specifically designed for
    tomosynthesis, able to apply a trapezoidal correction of the diagnostic field,
    compensating the area distortion in function of the X-ray tube rotation.
    In addition to this, the collimator can automatically recognize size and type of the

  • Anti-scattering grid

    Another distinctive feature of Melody IIID TS model is the presence of an anti-scattering grid, allowing dose reduction and improvement of image quality at the same time.
    The important innovation, compared to most other devices, is the ability to use this particular grid even during tomosynthesis, always ensuring the best possible image quality. It is therefore an extremely flexible device in its use, by limiting the risk of damage in the insertion and removal operations depending on the type of examination.

  • New generation interface

    The innovative design of the Melody IIID TS is completed with an acquisition workstation equipped with an intuitive touch screen control panel, a trackball and a LCD monitor for displaying images. These elements, together with a new generation software, maximize the ease of use and the diagnostic capability of the system.

    Furthemore, Melody IIID TS can be provided with diagnostic workstation for image review Melody III DRW.