artpix EZ2GO

ArtPix EZ2GO is a revolutionary plug-and-play radiographic digital acquisition system, including a wireless Flat Panel Detector (FPD) and a tablet.
It’s a turnkey solution that can convert any kind of analogue radiographic system in a full digital one, thus benefiting from all the advantages of a full direct digital system.
Its intuitive software makes it very easy to use.
No physical connection is required: an X-ray source is enough to activate the device, able then to communicate with RIS-PACS via Wi-Fi.
All these features result in an outstanding image quality and enhance radiology department workflow, productivity and performances.

artpix EZ2GO
  • Easy and immediate digitalization

    ArtPix EZ2GO can convert an analogue existing radiographic system in a full digital one. Compared to retrofit kits, this is a ready to use solution: the X-ray units don’t require any expensive, complicated and long-lasting modifications.
    All direct digital radiography benefits are included: superior and accurate image capture, reduced radiation exposure for patients and users, flexibility in image management, improved patient throughputs, superior evaluation of data and images, PACS integration and workflow optimization. All these performances are granted without changing the still working X-ray units.

  • Peerless flexibility

    ArtPix EZ2GO is characterized by a great and peerless flexibility, which is mainly linked to four specifics:
    multi-use: the most revolutionary aspect is that this system doesn’t show compatibility limits, so it is possible to use it with every kind of radiographic system, both fixed and mobile;
    multi-purpose: it is highly adaptable to any situations such as emergencies, contact exams and examinations outside the radiology department, as wireless solution;
    multi-host: one detector can be detached from any workstation and attached to another one (fixed or mobile); a built-in infrared port is used to associate the workstation with the detector;
    multi-detector: one host can control up to 3 detector. The user can select the detector that is being used from the graphical user interface.

  • User friendly and intuitive software

    Many different aspects make ArtPix EZ2GO the ideal solution for the user: the extreme flexibility of the panel, the ergonomic features of the tablet and the intuitive and user friendly software. One of many examples, the software includes self-explanatory icons and operations that allow a fast learning, thus limiting human errors, as well as speeding up the exam procedures for an enhanced productivity. 

  • Safety and reliability

    The Flat Panel Detector features a low-power Wi-Fi connection that does not interfere with surrounding machines. Moreover, both the detector and the tablet are dust and water-resistant, for accommodating the toughest hospital environment conditions. The presence of a hand-strap allow a safe and easy handling of the tablet, thus preventing the risk of accidental falls.
    Another feature that involves great reliability is the presence of a memory embedded within the detector, which automatically stores the acquired images so that no image is lost if the Wi-Fi connection fades out and the back-up cable is unplugged.

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