Arcovis 3000 R

Arcovis 3000 is a new surgical C-arm unit providing the perfect balance between image quality, ease of positioning and ergonomics, for use in the critical environment of the operating theatre.
The perfect weight distribution of the C-arm and the motorised vertical travel make Arcovis 3000 the ideal solution for real time imaging in surgery, orthopaedics, angiography, interventional procedures, intensive care and casualty wards. Smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning and disinfection of the unit, while the tubehead, Image intensifier and C-arm can be covered with easy to apply sterilizable drapes. The Arcovis 3000 R, with rotating anode, can be chosen with either 9"I.I. or 12"I.I., thus creating a complete range of products for applications in urology, cardiology, orthopaedics and general surgery.

Arcovis 3000 R is available with generator power of 5 kW and 15 kW, in order to offer an increasingly wide range of products, both in terms of cost and performance.

Arcovis 3000 R
  • Wide coverage of applications

    The high frequency generator delivers the power you need for all the typical applications in general surgery, catheter placement, orthopaedics. High current continuous fluoro and large heat capacity allows for clear images, even for long or repeated procedures. Three fluoroscopy operating modes, instantly activated with a multi-function foot-pedal, are available to provide the best trade-off between image quality and patient dose: continuous fluoro, pulsed fluoro and single image snapshot. All modes can be instantly activated with a multi-function foot-pedal, without the need for keyboard pre-selection.

  • Committed to dose reduction

    The containment of radiation dose is a must during long procedures. The digital image rotation allows to properly align the images, without unnecessary exposure. Low dose modality and specific Paediatric modes, further reduce the exposure factors when the need arises. Patient dose can also be constantly controlled by the integrated DAP meter with on-board printer, while a laser pointer can be used for pre-alignment of the irradiated area without exposure.
    Anatomic programs are available to optimize the exposure factors and the processing parameters according to the body part being examined and the patient size.

  • Flexible positioning

    The wide range of movements improves the freedom of positioning in every situation. A specific button extends the vertical movement of the c-arm when a particularly low position has to be reached. The wide opening and depth of the arc make for precise alignment with minimum interference with the operating area.
    Arcovis 3000 can easily be manoeuvred in any direction by means of a steering handle that orientates the main wheels in a forward, lateral or diagonal direction. Cable pushers on all wheels make sure that foreign objects on the floor do not interfere with the movement of the unit.

  • Ergonomics

    The control panel can be rotated by +/-60° for immediate operation even in the most difficult environment and is made of hard-wearing material to withstand repeated cleaning and disinfection cycles. A touch screen LCD display clearly informs the user on the most important information and allows easy and fast interaction. The infrared remote control, available for some models, allows for fast review of stored images.

  • Image storage

    A choice of several image storage options can satisfy all applications. Starting from the basic single image, you can step up to intermediate solutions with RAM capacity of up to 2700 images, or aim at digital processing systems with hard disk storage of up to 110.000 images, Digital Subtraction Angiography and full post-processing capability. The optional high resolution 1 Mpixel camera (1Kx1K) delivers sharp and detail-rich images.
    All storage systems are based on non-volatile technology that preserves the images in memory after the unit is powered off and allows to review the images at any time. For this purpose, the monitor trolley can easily be disconnected from the C-arm. Patient identification and procedure description can be added to all images using the onboard alphanumeric keyboard.

  • Image exportation

    Images required with Arcovis 3000 can also be exported to any PC in standard JPEG, BMP or Dicom format, using a USB flash memory stick. Arcovis 3000 can be equipped with a choice of video DVD recorders or thermal printers. Complete Dicom connectivity can also be added to integrate the unit in your PACS network.

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