Melody III D

Melody III D shares the same platform of the analog unit and features an innovative Flat Panel Detector that provide a very high image quality of mammography images, helping the doctor in the crucial identification and diagnosis of small lesions. Thanks to the use of the most advanced technology, the accuracy of the exposures is always granting a precise diagnosis, yet special attention has always paid to the reduction of the radiation dose given to the patient.
A specific version of Melody III D is ready to operate with the cutting-edge digital breast tomosynthesis technology, that help the identification of small breast’s lesions through improved quality and accuracy of mammography images.

Melody III D
  • Digital Flat Panel detector

    Digital acquisition system of Melody III D presents a large 24x30 cm Flat Panel detector. It is based on the innovative Amorphous Selenium technology that perform a direct conversion of X-rays in images and on a reduced pixel size, offering clear and high quality representations even of the breast's microstructures.

  • Acquisition and diagnostic workstations

    The digital mammography unit comes with an acquisition workstation that offers all main tools for a primary assessment of the acquired images. The operator can count on primary post-processing function to verify the correctness of the acquisition, then through DICOM connectivity can send the images to the PACS network.
    A powerful and efficient diagnostic workstation is also available in option, featuring two 5Mpixel monitors and a complete set of tools for the quality verification and diagnosis. A CAD software is also available for the automatic identification of suspected structures inside the acquired images.