Melody III

The importance of mammography as a key in breast cancer screening protocols is well known. In this context, Villa Sistemi Medicali is proud to introduce the Melody III, a new mammography unit combining high quality imaging with advanced ergonomics for the user. Thanks to the use of the most advanced technology, the accuracy of the exposures is always granting a precise diagnosis, yet special attention has always paid to the reduction of the radiation dose given to the patient. Integrated procedures for quality control and self-calibration make possible an accurate adjustment of the system's parameters, in order to assure the maximum reliability and repeatability of the diagnostic results.

Melody III
  • User friendliness

    Operator's interface is based on a user friendly display where the user can have control of all system commands and exposure parameters. A frontal auxiliary display shows at a glance applied compression force, arm rotation angle and thickness of compression, in order to let the user have immediate information about the status of the mammography unit during the preparation of the exam. The main interface also displays the Average Glandular Dose (AGD), software-calculated according to the exposure factors.
    System's ease of use is improved by the optionally available +/-180° motorized rotation of C-arm, with 5 preset positions according to the common projections used in mammography. Motorized vertical movement is provided as standard.

  • Smart compression system

    The advanced Smart Micro-Press compression system is based on technologies aiming to maximize the comfort of the patient during the exam. The compression paddle progressively reduces its speed once in contact with the breast, while the smooth compression paddle design without sharp edges further enhances the comfort of the patient during the compression. The pressure is applied through a motor-driven system controlled by footswitch, or a fine manual compression can be exerted through the rotating command, ergonomically positioned on the C-arm and controlled by the operator with the use of a single finger. A safety system automatically release the compression at the end of the exposure.

  • Wide choice of accessories

    Melody III is available with a wide choice of accessories such as compression plates of various type and size, interchangeable bucky for 18x24 and 24x30 cassettes, automatic collimation, film ID marker and others. The PMX5006 version comes with a dual-size cassette holder that accepts both 24x30cm and 18x24cm cassettes by means of an easy to use adapter. A special bucky is available to provide exposures with x1,5 and x2 magnification.
    The glass shield is available as a self-supporting structure for maximum flexibility of installation.

  • Stereotactic biopsy system BYM 3D

    Melody/B III version is equipped with isocentric C-arm rotation that allows to switch from cranio-caudal to lateral views without having to re-adjust the vertical position of the unit: a great timesaver for high-workflow departments.
    This specific version is compatible with BYM 3D stereotactic biopsy system, allowing a high precision 3-dimensional lesion localisation. The positioning support of the biopsy system is compatible with the majority of needles and biopsy guns commercially available.