VDX Digital Imaging systems represent the easiest way to enjoy the advantages of digital radiology. Thanks to the portable design, any VDX system grants a straightforward integration into your facility’s current space and workflow, while assuring an unparalleled flexibility for either the application range and the configuration layouts.
As long as they enhance the productivity of your radiology department, they maximize your equipment lifetime and cut down the costs of the consumables, VDX systems definitely result the most cost-effective solution to go digital.
The outstanding image quality, provided by the state of the art digital flat panel technology, immediately results in better diagnostic and interpretation by radiologists. The advanced image processing tools allow to fully exploit the entire image latitude, reducing the risk of repeated exposures, saving both undesired patient dose and waiting time.

  • Choose the right solution for you

    The VDX Digital Imaging line consists of four single-detector solutions and 9 two-detector combinations (both portable and fixed); the proposals with single flat panel are as follows:

    it represents the most competitive solution, using Gadox as the material behind the transformation of X-rays into images.

    is the 35x43 cm wireless solution, giving the complete cordless positioning freedom of a conventional cassette.

    is the 35x43 cm wireless solution with the highest performance, which also allows acquisitions in tomography (max 4/sec) and is compatible with the “Dual Energy” mode.

    is the wireless solution 43x43 cm, which thanks to its large area of investigation is particularly useful for full-leg full-spine examinations.

  • Peerless flexibility

    Move the detector where you need it most. Portability is what make a VDX solution suitable to accommodate an unmatched range of radiographic procedures. Thanks to its 35x43cm size, the detector can virtually cover all the environments where a film cassette was used. The acquisition system is designed to track multiple detectors, thus allowing to build a DR suite that perfectly fits your workflow and diagnostic demand.

  • Enhanced productivity with digital

    Just stop going around handling film cassettes and waiting for images. Images are available just seconds after exposure for immediate evaluation and processing, thanks to the advanced algorithms, capable to get all the best of the diagnostic information. Speed up your operator's workflow and dramatically save film handling cost and storage space. DICOM Worklist reduces data entry time for technicians, while through DICOM Store, Print and CD classes, images will be quickly forwarded to archive or review workstations, printers and CD burners.

  • Don't change the way you work

    We trust the efficiency and the versatility of a general purpose room in its standard configuration, composed by a bucky table, a chest-stand and a tube ceiling or floor X-ray tube support. Thanks to its portable lightweight design, any VDX flat panel can be easily handled from your chest stand to your bucky table for upright, in-table, lateral and out of bucky exposures. The result is an unmatched range of radiographic procedures, even compared with more expensive DR rooms with two fixed detectors.

  • VDX with Apollo: an effortless step into digital

    Just imagine to get the advantages of digital radiography while keeping the extremely competitive price of your image intensifier based Apollo. Images available in seconds after the acquisition, without manually removing the cassette from the spot film device after each exposure, outstanding image quality and lower dose to the patient, are only some of the advantages deriving from the use of a VDX wireless flat panel inside your analog Apollo unit. Clearly, as we always value the users who already chose an Apollo, retrofit kits for our installed base are also available.

  • VDX with Apollo DRF: adding capabilities to your RF room

    Apollo DRF is the top level unit in our remote controlled line, acquiring both radiographic and fluoroscopic exposures on the same dynamic flat panel. A wireless VDX flat panel allows to enhance the table's capabilities, enabling the user to expose in a digital way also off-table and lateral projections. A single, space saving software console controls both dynamic DRF and VDX flat panels: this allows the user to share the patient database, while relying on the same processing tools and DICOM connectivity.

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