Moviplan iC

Moviplan iC is the new generation bucky room that provides the modularity, usability and functionality needed in any radiological center that wants to easily increase productivity and efficiency in every working situation. The complete modularity facilitates configuration of a tailor made system able to fit every requirement. The extreme usability enables fast and intuitive control of the system that dramatically improves workflow. The full range of functionality converts the bucky room into a multipurpose system able to perform a wide range of exams on any patient.

Moviplan iC
  • Functional design

    The design of Moviplan iC has been thought to maximized its elegance, efficiency and safety without compromises.
    The absence of unsightly cables plays an important part in the attractiveness of the design, while maximizing the safety for operators. When configured with a floor-mounted column, the rails are characterized by a reduced height with no footstep, while in case of a configuration with the ceiling suspension, table controls are located on both sides of the unit for an improved operability by the user.

  • User friendliness

    Moviplan iC has been designed to simplify the workflow of the operator, ensuring the best work conditions in each exam. Table movements are unlocked by breaking an invisible light beam, making the process smoother compared to the classic footswitch. In the elevating versions, even the lift commands are controlled via light barrier, that is highlighted through cold light beams. The long and wide tabletop has no protruding edges, allowing a simple and fast patient transferring from a stretcher, while the wide horizontal movement of the table and potter allow an immediate body part centering and an easy execution of sequential exams, without patient repositioning.

  • Intuitive user interface

    Thanks to the 8" touch screen display, the new user interface is particularly intuitive and easy to use. By touching icons, the operator can control the system's parameters, such as SID, tube rotation angle, working place, collimated area. Thanks to the perfect integration with generators, it is possible to set the exposure parameters directly at the tubehead, without need to change them from the main workstation. Dedicated icons are reserved to activate auto-tracking and tomography functions.

  • Configuration with floor-mounted column

    Moviplan iC system based on floor-mounted column is the ideal solution for a compact radiographic system suitable for the installation in limited spaces and for users with limited budget who look for a multifunctional system. In the entry-level version, the column has a simplified LCD display showing the most important system parameter, and can be completed with intelligent auto-tracking movements. For the advanced version, the system features the touch screen display and motorized movements allowing to perform electronic tomography. In the digital configurations, the system can be completed with advanced functions such as stitching and auto-positioning. The configuration can be completed with Tele iC chest stand, ideal for examination of chest, spine and lower limbs with standing patient.

  • Configuration with ceiling tubestand

    The configuration of radiographic table with Lem Plus iC ceiling tubestand is the perfect solution for users who wants the maximum speed of workflow, complete flexibility and high throughput in a radiographic room. The ceiling suspension features wide movements along the 5 axis, that can be motorized for ultimate user comfort and maximum efficiency of the workflow. An easy and intuitive control of all functions is granted by the presence of the user-friendly touch screen interface. The system can be completed with Tele iC tilting chest stand, in order to cover examination with standing patient or laid on mobile stretcher.